Winlock Portable


Winlock Portable is exactly the same as its counterpart Winlock Pro. You get all the power packed into 1 tiny portable application. The possibilities are limitless, just copy this small app onto your portable storage device and you have a fully portable, reliable security system you can setup on any computer you use with just 1 click!

Setting up

Download the installer and install the small Winlock Portable .exe to any device you want



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Initial setup

Type in a desired password (preferably over 6 characters including a symbol and a capital letter to ensure your security) and click next. This will take you to the instructions window where you will find all the necessary instructions.

Rundown of the settings window

To go to the settings window click the small transparent box on the right bottom of the lock screen, we will ask you for authentication first. In the settings window you can customize anything you want, your user name, password, recovery email address and activate or deactivate features.

You are now an expert!

Congratulations! You are now protected, you can deactivate Winlock anytime by first logging into your computer, going to the taskbar, right clicking the Winlock icon and clicking exit. Contact us for any further help at